Tarun Ghulati endorsed by former KPMG vice chair for London Mayor

The Mayor of London election is scheduled for May 2.

Tarun Ghulati / Tarun Ghulati

There is an increasing number of candidates challenging Sadiq Khan, the current mayor of London, in the upcoming election on May 2. Two candidates of Indian descent are running independently among them. 

One of them is businessman Tarun Ghulati, aged 63, who launched his mayoral campaign during a visit to India in the latter part of 2023. David Sayer, who was formerly the vice chair of KPMG, endorsed Ghulati's campaign. 

“I've known Tarun Ghulati for 15 years; both as a senior banker and creator of a truly inspiring awards program for young entrepreneurs. Tarun gets things done. He's very practical and focused. He achieves what he does by bringing people together rather than pitting them against each other,” Sayer said in a video message. 

“London is the greatest international city in the world. London is the city of villages and communities which need to be both respected and listened to. Tarun uses his ears more than his mouth unlike most politicians. London is still great but it has lost its mojo and it needs somebody who loves this country and this city to bring it back,” Sayer said in his statement. 

“Tarun has the experience to be tough on crime and social disorder whilst building an environment that helps businesses to grow. I recommend that you consider giving your vote to Tarun Ghulati,” Sayer added. 

Renowned for his ability to offer innovative solutions to intricate challenges within the banking and financial services sectors worldwide, Ghulati has extensive experience as chairman, president, CEO, board member, and strategic advisor. He has led financial services enterprises across multiple continents, including Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Africa, and the UK. 

Ghulati's career spans six countries, with notable roles at Citibank and HSBC. At HSBC, he held the prestigious position of International Manager (IM), an elite cadre of global leaders representing just 0.10 percent of the bank's global workforce.

Ghulati is also the co-founder and co-chair of India Startup Festival (ISF), an initiative recognized as the largest of its kind, dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs and nurturing a vibrant startup and scale-up ecosystem.

As a mayoral candidate, his priorities includes reducing crime, position london as an investment destination, boost tourism,strengthening communities, improving transportation access, fostering sports and culture in boroughs among other things.








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