Dr Jagdish Gupta receives Brooklyn Medical Society's President Gold medal

Dr. Gupta is the president of the New York Chapter of the Association of Indians in America

Staff Reporter

Dr Jagdish Gupta honored at the 174th president's dinner / Images - Supplied

Dr. Jagdish K. Gupta was awarded the President Gold Medal by the Medical Society of the County of Kings (MSCK), Brooklyn's oldest scientific organization, and thus made a member of its elite president club. The award was presented at the County Society's 174th president's dinner at Dyker Beach Golf Club, as part of its bicentennial year celebrations. His wife, Meena Gupta, was presented with the Golden Charm as the 174th First Lady.

Dr. Madhu Gudavalli, president of MSCK, welcomed the guest of honor, Dr. Gupta, president of the Association of Indians in America - (AIA-NY chapter), and invited 14 past presidents of the society, as well as Dr. Parag Mehta, past president of the Medical Society of the State, to present Dr. Gupta with the medal.

Dr. Jagdish Gupta and his Wife Meena Gupta were honored at the County Society's 174th president's dinner

The award plaque was presented to Dr. Gupta by the Medical Society of the State of New York's Board Chairman, Dr. Robert Frankle. Dr Gupta was granted further citations by Dr. Lance Austein, former president of MSCK, and Dr. Donald Moore, former president and vice chairman of MSCK, which were provided by Assemblyman Lester Chang and NYS Senator Andrew Gounardes.

Dr. Gupta, in accepting the award, reflected on the significance of the MSCK's bicentennial year celebrations, which commenced the previous year and commemorated two centuries of advocacy, commitment, and patient care. MSCK celebrated its centennial on May 25, 2022, as designated by proclamations from the state assembly and city council.

Dr. Neeraj Acharya, former president and treasurer of MSCK, presided over the celebrations, which were organized under the direction of Dr. Sherman Dunn, chairman of the MSCK Board, and Dr. Gudavalli, the present president. 

Dr. Sanjiv Chopra's keynote speech, titled "Reflections on Lasting Happiness and Living with Purpose," received a standing ovation. Dr. Moore, a county historian, also curated an exhibition for the occasion. Past presidents of the MSCK and other notable guests joined Dr. Jagdish Gupta for a cake-cutting ceremony to commemorate his induction into the board of trustees of the Academy of Medicine of Brooklyn.