Proud of my Indian heritage and of PM Modi’s leadership, says bizman Bobby Gupta

Indian-origin Gupta is a member of Atlantic City’s Planning Board.

Basant (Bobby) Gupta. / Courtesy Photo

Basant (Bobby) Gupta, the Indian-origin CEO of Chitra Hotel Management & Investments Company in Atlantic City, said that he is proud of his Indian heritage and of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership. 

“Although I live here, I feel deeply connected to India and the Indian community,” Gupta said in an interview with New India Abroad. “When I moved here in 1990, the Indian community was still growing. Since then, we have become an influential and integral part of this society.”

Gupta expressed pride in the changes and improvements happening in India, particularly the abrogation of Article 370, which he views as a significant step forward. He mentioned that when he was in India, he was involved in various activities and organizations, and he continues to do the same in his current location.

“It is important to me that the work being done by the Modi government, the BJP, and the Congress continues to bring positive change. I believe this is the best time for the Indian people, as there is a renewed focus on development and progress,” Gupta added. 

Additionally, Gupta recognized the significance of fostering unity between different communities, such as Hindus and Muslims in India. “It is crucial to bridge the gaps and work towards a more inclusive society. The efforts made towards this goal are commendable, and I hope to contribute to this vision through my work here,” he said. 

Contribution to the Indian community 

When Gupta moved to the US from India, he had already served as the president of the Kanpur Lions Club. Since relocating, he has maintained his interest in cultural activities and social service, an interest that began in India and continued in the US. Gradually, he became quite active in the Indian community and is currently the president of the South Jersey Indian Association.

“We organized an event called India Day on the Atlantic City Boardwalk, which we have been holding annually for the past 15 years. This year, on Aug.17, we will celebrate its 15th anniversary,” Gupta said. 

Gupta is also a member of Atlantic City’s Planning Board. He is active in social and political activities, especially those concerning the Indian community, he emphasized.