Trump and Biden set to face off in November

Donald Trump secured victories in the GOP primaries held in Georgia (59) Mississippi (40) and Washington (43)

L-R Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump and President Joe Biden / X @GOP/@JoeBiden

In the latest primary elections held on Mar. 13, both Joe Biden and Donald Trump emerged victorious in Georgia, Mississippi, and Washington, solidifying their positions as the Presidential nominees for their respective parties. Biden's success in Georgia clinched the Democratic nomination for him, securing enough delegates to surpass the required threshold of 1,968 on the first ballot.

Trump's wins in Georgia, Mississippi, and Washington pushed him beyond the 1,215-delegate threshold needed to become the presumptive Republican nominee. He is set to formally accept the nomination at the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee in July.

The leading candidate for the Republican Party secured victories in the GOP primaries held in Georgia, where 59 delegates were at stake, as well as in Mississippi, with 40 delegates, and Washington, with 43 delegates. The allocation of Hawaii's 19 delegates will be disclosed after the conclusion of voting past midnight (Eastern Daylight Time).

Reflecting on his victory, Biden stated, "Four years ago, I ran for president because I believed we were in a battle for the soul of this nation. Because of the American people, we won that battle, and now I am honored that the broad coalition of voters representing the rich diversity of the Democratic party across the country have put their faith in me once again to lead our party – and our country – in a moment when the threat Trump poses is greater than ever."

In Georgia, where an attempt to register opposition to Biden's stance on the conflict in Gaza was met with limitations due to ballot constraints, the primary results swiftly propelled Biden to the Democratic nomination. This victory adds to his earlier win in the Northern Mariana Islands primary, where he secured 11 delegates.

Joining a growing chorus of support for Biden are various organizations, including NextGen PAC, Planned Parenthood Action Fund, and Students Demand Action, among others. These groups, alongside more traditional youth organizations, are rallying behind Biden's candidacy, aiming to mobilize young voters across the country.

Looking ahead, Biden's campaign intends to capitalize on this support by mobilizing young organizers, activating campus affiliates, and making direct voter contacts to bolster his chances against Trump in November. With Biden now officially the Democratic nominee, attention turns to the general election, where he will face off against Trump in what is anticipated to be a closely contested battle for the presidency.