Rep. Krishnamoorthi calls out Haley for ‘weak response’ against Trump’s racist comments

Rep. Krishnamoorthi said that Haley needs to show Americans that “racist declarations are unwelcome”

Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi disappointed in Nikki Haley for lack of strong response against racist remarks by Trump / / instagram @nikkihaley

Illinois State Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi called out fellow Indian American politician Nikki Haley for not taking a stand against her opponent Donald Trump, who has been openly making racist remarks against her.

“As an Indian American, the racist attacks we've seen Donald Trump levy on Nikki Haley are personal for me,” Krishnamoorthi wrote in a post on X.

Aside from nicknames like “Tricky Nikky” and “Birdbrain” Trump addressed the former Gov. of South Carolina by her maiden name “Nimrata” in a Truth Social post, spelling it wrong as “Nimbra” and “Nimrada”.

In an earlier post, Trump shared a screenshot of an article by The Gateway Pundit that falsely claimed Haley was ineligible to run for President or Vice President because her parents were not U.S. citizens during her birth in Bamberg, South Carolina, a myth that has been busted several times in numerous reports recently.

“Haley has a responsibility to call out Trump’s racism in real time,” Krishnamoorthi wrote in in an op-ed published in the Chicago Tribune. He said Trump’s false claims about Haley’s ineligibility to run for president sends a message of “exclusion and otherness” to millions of patriotic Americans.

The Republican presidential nomination race has only two contenders currently, one of whom is Haley, and she is in a unique position to prove that the party promotes “inclusivity and denounces racism,” the Congressman wrote.

He said Haley missed an opportunity to strongly condemn Trump’s hateful attacks against her and that her “weak response” was “disappointing.” Trump often posts about Haley and his political opponents on Truth Social. However, Haley has yet to deliver a strongly worded verbal or written response to her former boss against the barrage of racist and hateful remarks he has directed at her.

Krishnamoorthi further said that Haley needs to show Americans that “racist declarations are unwelcome” within the Republican Party, if she truly wants to be the GOP candidate of the future.