Indian-American Ghazala Hashmi enters Virginia Lieutenant Governor’s race

Despite no Republicans officially entering the race, the campaign is set to be a dynamic one in the upcoming elections.

Ghazala Hashmi at a protest held by gun safety advocates in April 2024. / X/@SenatorHashmi

Indian-born American politician and Virginia Senator Ghazala Hashmi (15 Chesterfield) recently launched her campaign to earn the Democratic nomination for Lieutenant Governor.

“I’m running because we are just one vote away, in the State Senate, from MAGA extremism overrunning our schools, reproductive health care, gun safety measures, voting rights, and much more,” said Hashmi. “I don’t see this office as a stepping stone; I’m running to solidify the Democratic brick wall as our next Lieutenant Governor. We need an accomplished, progressive Senator to do just that.”

Virginia State Sen. Aaron Rouse also recently announced his intentions to stand for lieutenant governor.  

In 2019, although she was an underdog in both the primary and the general elections, Hashmi claimed the critical State Senate seat. 

“If we want to protect our freedoms, stand against hate and build a future that uplifts all of us, including our most vulnerable, we must always fight for what is right,” Hashmi said in a statement, adding “When I first ran, I realized that any one of us can make a positive, meaningful difference. We each have a responsibility to raise our voice and stand up against injustice, particularly those injustices that impact our neighbors and our communities.”    

Currently chair of the Senate’s Education and Health Committee, Hashmi worked for 25 years as an educator and academic administrator before running for office.

"As a mother of two girls and as someone who won the ‘Defender of Choice’ award in 2023, I have fought hard to protect reproductive healthcare and will continue to secure reproductive rights in Virginia as Lieutenant Governor," she said. 

Prince William County School Board chairman Babur Lateef is also reportedly standing in for the lieutenant governor Democratic nomination.  

However, no Republicans are said to have officially entered the race so far.  








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