VHP calls out Western media for biased coverage of Ram Temple

VHP Canada, Australia, USA demanded a public apology from international media platforms.

The inauguration of Ram Temple took place in Ayodhya on January 22 / VHPDigital/X

The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) across Canada, Australia, and the United States have strongly condemned the dissemination of misleading information regarding the construction of the Ram Hindu temple in Ayodhya. 

Expressing deep dissatisfaction over the misinformation, the VHP noted that various media outlets have published articles containing inaccuracies that distort facts surrounding the inauguration of the Ram Temple. 

The representative body of the Hindu community explained that the Supreme Court of India gave a judgment in 2019 that the Babri Masjid was constructed on the ruins of a Ram Temple. "The misrepresented narrative not only misguides the public but also perpetuates a false understanding of the situation," a statement by VHP Canada pointed out. 

The VHP further underlined that misleading and factually incorrect journalism risks the growth of Hinduphobia in countries worldwide and disrupts peace within the community.

"We urge the media to exercise diligence in verifying information & to refrain from perpetuating misleading narratives. Inaccurate reporting not only harms the credibility of the media but also has far-reaching consequences on public perception," VHP Canada said in a statement.

In Australia, the VHP called out the "shameful display of biased reporting and Hindu hate" by Australian news organizations ABC, SBS, and 9News with articles making false accusations against the Hindu community. Condemning the news organizations for peddling false narratives and hate against Hindus, the representative body asked them to remove the news articles from their websites with an apology to the Hindu community.

"We ask the government and the Australian Press Council to take strong action to prevent such false reports and call on the ABC, SBS, and 9News to include more diverse sources for their reports on India and Hindus as it affects us deeply in Australia," the World Hindu Council of Australia noted in a statement.

In addition, VHP America, expressed disappointment by the "biased and selective reporting" exhibited by ABC, BBC, CNN, MSNBC, and Al Jazeera in their coverage of the inauguration of the Ram Temple.

"Despite the unity and joy experienced by Hindus globally, major media outlets engaged in a regrettable display of irresponsible journalism, publishing articles that contained false accusations against the Hindu community," VHP America stated.

Condemning the news platforms for perpetuating a false narrative and fostering hate against Hindus, the council underlined that the biased reporting overshadowed the significance of the day.

Calling for a public apology to the Hindu community for the dissemination of false information, the VHP urged the news platforms to re-publish the articles with all relevant facts, such as the historical context and the legal ruling by the Indian Supreme Court. "VHP America calls upon the U.S. government and relevant authorities to take robust action to prevent the spread of false reports," the organization added.