Thirty percent Americans trust neither Trump nor Biden

Voters are yet to exhibit supreme confidence in either Joe Biden or Donald Trump, as a better leader of the US.

Neither Donald Trump or Joe Biden have an edge over each other in terms of being a better leader of the U.S. according to voters reveals an ABCNews/Ipsos Poll / (Instagram/@realdonaldtrump/joebiden)

Joe Biden and Donald Trump are both expected to secure their party's nominations for the 2024 presidential election in November. However, nationwide voters are yet to exhibit utmost confidence in either of them. 

A new poll  by the ABC News/Ipsos using Ipsos’s Knowledge panel, found that at least 30 percent of voters trust neither Trump nor Biden to do a better job leading the country. According to the poll, 36 percent of Americans trust Trump to do a better job leading the country as president, while Biden has the trust of 33 percent of voters.

Among their respective bases, voters trust each of them to a considerable degree. Trump has 82 percent of Republican voters' confidence, while Biden falls behind significantly with 72 percent of Democratic voters' confidence. Interestingly, the current President has an edge (32 percent) over Trump (31 percent) among Independent voters. The poll also found 37 percent of Independent voters don’t trust either of the leaders.

The poll also evaluated voter sentiment for Trump and Biden on their response to economy, inflation, immigration, the situation at the US-Mexico border, crime, gun violence, climate change, and the Israel-Hamas war, among other parameters. 

Trump fared better on many of these issues compared to Biden, despite disapproval of his performance among certain sections. Trump’s approval ratings for his time as US President are higher than those of Biden on issues regarding the economy, inflation, immigration, the situation at the US-Mexico border, and crime.

The majority of voters disapprove of Trump’s handling of crime, climate change, gun violence, and abortion. Exactly half of the respondents also disapprove of his job on inflation and immigration/the border.

For Biden, three in five Americans continue to disapprove of his handling of immigration and the situation at the US-Mexico border (68 percent), inflation (66 percent), the war between Israel and Hamas (65 percent), gun violence (62 percent), crime (61 percent), and the economy (60 percent).