Tata Consultancy Services establishes pace port in London

The pace port is poised to drive the adoption of innovative solutions, particularly in emerging technologies

TCS sets up pace port in London / Image: TCS

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has set up a pace port in London, a cutting-edge innovation hub aimed at propelling innovation-led growth in the UK.
The strategic location of the hub positions it as a dynamic center for technological advancement, research, and development, according to an official statement.

The pace port is poised to drive the adoption of innovative solutions, particularly in emerging technologies, empowering UK businesses to thrive in a rapidly evolving marketplace, it added.

Amit Kapur, head of the UK and Ireland at TCS, expressed enthusiasm about the initiative, highlighting its potential to foster collaboration and innovation among UK businesses. He remarked, “Bringing our global network of pace ports to London will provide an environment that fosters collaboration, drives innovation, and helps businesses in the UK harness cutting-edge technology, collaborate and grow across industry borders into ecosystem models.”
One key focus of the pace port will be artificial intelligence (AI), which is increasingly becoming vital for businesses across industries. 

TCS has been advising businesses in the UK and Ireland on AI adoption strategies, with a recent survey revealing that a significant portion of businesses is either AI-driven or well-prepared to leverage its capabilities, the statement highlighted.

Marc Hardwick, senior research director at TechMarketView, further emphasized the importance of strategic AI adoption, praising TCS’s commitment to supporting clients in this endeavor. He stated, “Enterprises across industries are looking for ways to quickly adopt AI and Gen AI to enhance their competitive differentiation.”

“Our state-of-the-art Pace Port London will foster a collaborative ecosystem through TCS’ IP, technology expertise, and Co-Innovation Network (COIN™), spanning multiple disciplines including experts from the start-up, research, and academia in the UK,” Harrick Vin, chief technology officer at TCS, added.
The port in London marks the company’s commitment to supporting the British economy and local communities. 

The port will not only generate job opportunities, but will also contribute to the UK government’s vision of becoming a global tech leader.