Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang impresses budding entrepreneurs with keynote address at TiECon 2024

Huang said that with recent technology advancements, for the first time in history, one could see that deep learning was scalable.

Nvidia cofounder and CEO Jensen Huang in conversation with Mayfield Fund’s Navin Chaddha on the second day of the TiECon 2024 event. / Ritu Marwah

The second day of TiECon 2024, the annual convention hosted by The IndUS Entrepreneurs (TiE), a global non-profit dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship, was held on May.2, with Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang delivering the keynote address.

“My journey is mundane. I don’t think they will make a movie on how we started the company,” Huang said to budding entrepreneurs at the event in Santa Clara, California.

“The best part of our story was that it was ordinary. Ordinary people doing ordinary things, trying to solve mundane problems. Three engineers who had a belief system on accelerated engineering. The interesting fact though is that we had to shape and shift the entire industry to follow us. It took us 30 years,” he added.

Nvidia designs and supplies graphics processing units, application programming interfaces (APIs) for data science and high-performance computing as well as system on a chip (SoCs) units for the mobile computing and automotive market. 

The company is also a notable supplier of artificial intelligence (AI) hardware and software. 

Elaborating on the power of technology advancement in the recent past, Huang said: “First time in history, we could see that deep learning was scalable. The question is what can you learn from data. If facts change, our minds should change too.”

Huang also noted that machines could be made to perform more routine tasks in the future. “As for the future, machines can converse with anything that we can tokenize i.e. translate into binary numbers. If we can tokenize English, it will learn it without supervision. We have learnt to cross modalities, for instance, text to image and sonic patterns in text and speech,” he explained.

On being asked about what motivates him in his work, the Nvidia CEO said he had the best job in the world and had “nothing else to do”.

Huang was joined by the Mayfield Managing Partner Navin Chaddha. A packed hall awaited the speakers at 8.45 am.

“Every company must take a deep moat, one bet and go all in,” said Chaddha.

If Huang were to start again, what would he tell his younger self, asked Chaddha.

“There is a superpower in ignorance,” Huang replied. “There is a superpower in believing. How hard can it be? It wouldn’t be helpful to know that it is really hard.”

A packed hall at TiECon 2024’s keynote by Nvidia’s CEO Jensen Huang. / Ritu Marwah








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