Message from the Editor-in-Chief

Elections mean different things to people. Some look at it as a political process in a democracy like India where the exercise take place once every five years as mandated in the constitution; a few will say that exercising their franchise is a fundamental right; and for others it is an emotional issue that transcends politics. 

To a media outlet here is the opportunity to illustrate the nuances of the polling process and highlight the stakes involved in the future of the country. New India Abroad sees the 18th General Elections as something more than just an ordinary day in the life of a citizen. 

The country is at a stage when the eyes of the world are keenly watching on how the future is going to be charted. The average voter might not be able to understand esoteric terms of stability and economic growth; but well understands that the future is only well served by Parliamentarians who live and breathe India.

The coverage of elections from our perspective is simple and straightforward: news as we see it with reporting not interspersed with editorializing. The focus is on issues or seeing where political parties stand on a complex range of challenges and opportunities that define India. 

Our accent is NOT on personalities or the mud slinging that may come about during a political discourse. The focus of our platform is to bring out the positives of individuals and their potential to the growth and betterment of the country.

Our coverage is also going to be different: we would like to hear from the Diaspora as to what they think of the focus of the political parties out to be. This is especially so of the newer generations of Indians living overseas who may not be aware of what India is all about. 

Here is the opportunity to write to us or send us short video clips of your thoughts and perceptions. All contributions are subject to editing, not for content but for space and time. This is especially so in our weekly e-paper editions.

Come and be a part of us. Together we will make this journey knowledgeable and enjoyable!