Indian-origin researcher receives Parkinson’s Foundation award

Recipients of this award receive a $4,000 stipend, facilitating their expenses as they engage in knowledge-sharing with a host laboratory.

Mehak Luthra

Prajakta Joshi / Image - LinkedIn @PrajaktaJoshi

Prajakta Joshi, currently pursuing her doctoral degree in biomedical engineering at Case Western Reserve University, was honoured with the Visiting Researcher Award by the Parkinson's Foundation. The Award aims to provide graduate students and postdoctoral fellows a chance to augment their existing skill set, furthering their research efforts related to Parkinson's disease.

Recipients of this award receive a $4,000 stipend to help with travel and lodging expenses while participating in knowledge-sharing with a host laboratory.  The collaboration enables them to acquire novel techniques that will help them advance their Parkinson's research projects, a release stated.

The grant will catalyze Joshi's research endeavours, enabling her to collaborate with Sanjay Pandey at Amrita Hospital in Faridabad, India. As per the release, Joshi intends to develop her proficiency in conducting intraoperative microelectrode recordings of the subthalamic nucleus, particularly in response to external stimuli such as vibrations. This pursuit of neural recordings holds significant promise for uncovering abnormal brain processes that contribute to complex disease conditions.

Joshi completed her postgraduate studies in biological science and electrical and electronics engineering at the Birla Institute of Technology and Science in India. Currently, she works as a graduate assistant at Case Western Reserve University.


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