Snapshot of Naturalization Trends: Indian Citizenship in the US

As of 2023, as many as 2,831,330 foreign born American nationals were from India, CRS said

A foreign-born resident taking oath of American citizenship / USCIS File Picture

In 2022, 65,960 Indian nationals took the oath of American citizenship, which is the second highest number after128,878, from Mexico, according to a report released by Congressional Research Service on April 15.

CRS said in 2023, 878,500 new US citizens naturalized. Based on the latest available data, CRS said in 2022, as many as 128,878, Mexican nationals became American citizens. They were followed by Indians (65,960), the Philippines (53,413(, Cuba (46,913), Dominican Republic (34,525), Vietnam (33,246) and China (27.038).

CRS Report: U.S. Naturalization Policy /

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