“Films are window to Indian culture,” Rani Mukherji

Actor Rani Mukerji shares insights on 'delivering compelling performances’ at the 54th IFFI

Actor Rani Mukerji / Image - Ministry of Information & Technology

Rani Mukerji, an Indian actress renowned for her portrayal of powerful female characters, explained that the intention was to expose foreign audiences to the country’s culture through her films.

While addressing the 54th International Film Festival of India (IFFI) in Goa, Rani said, "Outside India, films and their characters are viewed as windows towards our Indian culture.”

“It is important to always stand by strong films and roles. Sometimes you might not get the audience’s approval at that period of time. But in the history of cinema, such films and characters will find a place,” she added.

The actress was speaking during a session called 'Delivering compelling performances,’ moderated by Baradwaj Rangan, a national award-winning film critic. The discussion focused on Rani’s life and illustrious career.

Reflecting on her journey and expressing contentment with the roles she has played, Rani revealed that she never regretted any role. However, she wished she could have been part of Aamir Khan’s first production venture film ‘Lagaan’, which she revealed couldn’t materialise due to a date clash.

On the topic of ageism in the film industry, the 45-year-old opined that actors need to acknowledge their age and accept roles that suit their age for the audience to receive them. Sharing her personal reflection, Mukerji remarked, "I don't give much importance to the age factor and tried to do justice to my characters. Fifty percent of your battle of making people believe in the character is won if you look like the character."

Rani has played versatile roles from ‘Tina Malhotra’ in the mega-hit Kuch Kuch Hota Hai to ‘Maya Talwar’ in Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna and ‘Debika Chatterjee’ in Mrs. Chatterjee vs Norway.

When asked to pick a favourite among all the characters she has played, Rani revealed that the character in the film 'Black’ is closest to her heart. "The character of 'Michelle McNally' in Black inspired and challenged me at the same time. The character in 'Mehndi' also empowered me”, she added.Mukerji remarked, "I don't give much importance to the age factor and tried to do justice to my characters.”