Seattle cop ‘administratively reassigned’ for remarks about Indian student’s death

Officer Daniel Auderer had said Jaahnavi Kandula’s life had “limited value.”

The Seattle Police Department (SPD) confirmed that the cop who mocked the death of Indian student, Jaahnavi Kandula, who was killed by a cop car while crossing the road is no longer on active duty.  

The cop identified as Daniel Auderer was heard on body camera audio that the victim ’s life had “limited value” on a two-minute phone call where he made more of such remarks. The SPD released the bodycam audio to the public earlier this month resulting in furore among the public who held several marches demanding justice for Kandula. 

They held “jail killer cops” and “Jaahnavi had more value than SPD” banners at these marches demanding actions against both the cop who rammed his car into Kandula and Auderer who dismissed her death with jokes. 

After a week of refusing comment on whether Auderer was still employed with the SPD, the department in an email to the Seattle Times said he “has been administratively reassigned to a non-operational position.” 

Audrey is a member of SPD’s traffic squad and vice president of the Seattle Police Officers Guild. He came under investigation this month over his body camera audio clip where during the conversation about Kandula’s death by officer Kevin Dave’s car, laughed and at one point said, “Yeah, just write a check… Eleven thousand dollars. She was 26 anyway.” Kandula was 23. 

The audio came to light after an SPD employee was going through the body camera video for the investigation, and reported it to a department lawyer, as per the report. As for Dave, the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office is in charge of the review to consider whether to pursue charges against him. 









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