Winners for TiE50 announced at TiECon 2024

The IndUS Entrepreneurs (TiE) is a global non-profit dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship.

The awards are contested by several early to mid-stage startups worldwide. / Ritu Marwah

Winners of the TiE Silicon Valley’s premier annual awards program were announced on the second day of TiECon 2024 on May.2.

TiE Silicon Valley is the founding chapter of the TiE brand. TiECon 2024 is an annual convention hosted by The IndUS Entrepreneurs (TiE).

The awards are contested by several early to mid-stage startups worldwide. Now in its 16th year, the TiE50 awards opened many doors for the winners. Participants are scored based on each company’s IP, business model, traction, and team.

TiE50 winners are also an indicator of what is happening in the ecosystem. “For instance, a number of winners are from the healthcare sector,” said Mahendra Naik, chairman of TiE Toronto.

Yamini Sagar, founder and CEO Instarails, expressed her excitement at winning the TiE50 award. “I am very excited about winning. TiE50 is a very competitive award. Internationally many companies compete,” she said.

The winners are honored by venture capitalists like Draper. In addition to the TiE50 award, Sagar was shortlisted to audition for the ‘Meet the Drapers’ TV show. The TV show is organized in partnership by the TiE SV and the TiE50 program.

Approximately 10 to 12 companies from the 50 TiE50 award winners are selected by the Draper Team to pitch to them at TiECon 2024 and have a chance to win a spot on the seventh season of ‘Meet the Drapers’ show and even win a million dollars.

Meanwhile, Naik spoke about another competition in Toronto called TiEQuest.

Naik said: “We bring our finalists and winners from TiEQuest to TiE Silicon Valley. A number of our finalists also participate in the TiE50 competition. We have had at least three companies win TiE50 in the last 10 years and I am proud to say that we have got three companies who won again this year. Two of these companies from Toronto, Able Innovations and Brysk, auditioned for the ‘Meet the Drapers’ show at TiECon 2024.”

TiE50 Winners:

  1. Able Innovations 
  2. Basepair
  3. Bastion
  4. Biosorra
  5. Brysk
  7. Caspar.AI
  8. Chrlee.AI
  9. Coremobile
  10. Cygni
  11. Dasera
  12. Devnagri
  13. Doorbox.AI
  14. Enko
  15. Fluentpet
  16. Garuda Aerospace
  17. HanuAI
  18. High Circle
  19. Instarails
  20. Jogo
  21. Kencor Health
  22. Marma SEcurity
  23. Minnow
  24. Monpreneur
  25. Mobilab
  26. Nagaed
  27. Netscore
  28. NxgenPort
  29. OmniDesign
  30. PlancKton Data
  31. Proptexx
  32. Plethy
  33. Qapita
  34. Revoquant
  35. RSG
  36. Rockfish Data
  37. Sensfix
  38. StrikeReady
  39. Sizzle
  40. SucceedSmart
  41. Swirepay
  42. Savemom
  43. Vectra
  44. VeeOne
  45. Velmeni
  46. Vessl
  47. Vivifi Medical
  48. Qapita
  49. Zimyo
  50. Zime
TiE Silicon Valley is the founding chapter of the TiE brand. /








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