Rep. Khanna urges Nicole Shanahan to reconsider Kennedy ticket

Khanna expressed concerns that Shanahan as RFK's VP will aid Donald Trump’s return to the White House.

Ro Khanna urges RFK VP Nicole Shanahan to step back. / Image - X

Indian American Rep. Ro Khanna has urged Nicole Shanahan, the running mate of independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., to reconsider her decision.

The Democrat from California has warned Shanahan that in supporting RFK, she is aiding Donald Trump’s return to the White House. Khanna made the plea in an open letter to Shanahan, CBS News reported.

“The latest polling from late March showed Trump taking a 1-point lead when RFK Jr., Cornel West, and Jill Stein were on the ballot. Even Trump himself, and other members of his team, have admitted that a RFK Jr. ticket will help his reelection,” Khanna wrote in the letter.
He further urged Shanahan to join the Biden camp as her climate advocacy would be an important to reelect President Biden and push for much needed climate reforms. 

“I know you don’t agree with President Biden on every issue. Neither do I. Despite being a surrogate for the President, I have criticized his position on the Willow Project, which opens part of the pristine Arctic tundra and wetland to oil production,” Khanna wrote adding that despite his differences he still believes that Joe Biden is the best choice for President.

Responding to the letter, the attorney and philanthropist said that Khanna’s letter was a deviation from his earlier conversation with her in which he congratulated her for the ticket and said everyone has the right to run for the election.

“Clearly, Ro has changed his stance based on pressure from the party. I hope he understands how anti-democratic it is to ask someone to step down from a race that empowers the American public to make their own decisions,” Shanahan said in a post on X.

She expressed her disappointment that he had to resort to a public letter rather than having a direct conversation with her. “ He could have called me privately. He has my direct line.”

Replying to her post, Khanna maintained that his intention was only to point out that her support for the Kennedy campaign goes against her own ideals of climate action and abortiong rights, which will be accepted well by the Biden campaign.

“Nicole has every right to be on the ticket. My point to her both publicly and privately has been that RFK’s ticket threatens the very issues she cares about –such as climate and abortion rights and to welcome her into the Democratic Party,” his post on X read.








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