Ramaswamy's roadmap to economic independence from China

If elected to the White House in 2024, Ramaswamy will not rely on Congress to implement these measures, he said

Yasmin Tinwala

Republican presidential primary candidate Vivek Ramaswamy presented four “articles of independence” to help the United States achieve economic independence from China while delivering a major foreign policy speech in his home state of Ohio.

Maintaining that, the U.S. should no longer rely on hostile nations for its necessities, Ramaswamy said his plan would help declare economic independence from China while actually advancing American prosperity. “This is not a wishlist, this is what we are actually going to get done in this country,” he asserted.

The four measures Ramaswamy proposed in his speech were increasing defense spending; decreasing reliance on China for pharmaceutical supply of lifesaving to daily medicines; declaring independence from the climate agenda; and ensuring semiconductor independence from Taiwan by producing semiconductors in the U.S. 

Apart from achieving economic independence from Communist China, Ramaswamy emphasized that, if elected as President in November 2024, he would revive national pride and keep America out of World War III. "This is what the US president can do. Keep us out of World War III, revive national pride, unlock the regulations that hold our economy back under the executive branch," he said.

The youngest Republican contender, concluded by saying that he would not be dependent on Congress to implement these changes during his presidency. "It is a false promise if it's contingent on Congress. So, everything I'm telling you, we're going to get done. We're actually going to get done because I don't need to ask Congress for permission or for forgiveness," he maintained.