“Proud to say my family is from India,” Miraj Patel AAHOA chairman

Patel, who grew up in a small hotel run by his Gujarati immigrant parents, now heads the largest hotel owners association in the world

Texas Hotelier Miraj S Patel was appointed as AAHOA chairman / Wayside Investment Group

Miraj Patel, the Asian American Hotel Owners Association's (AAHOA) newly appointed chairman and a second generation Indian American hotelier said he is proud of his Indian heritage.

Speaking of his family's humble beginnings from Gujarat in an interview with New India Abroad, he said, “My dad and mom both moved here (US), started off in the hotel business as housekeeping and the front desk, et cetera. And then, just like every other AAHOA member, built the American dream, built their first hotel where me and my brother grew up.”

The 30 room independent motel  on Wayside Drive in Houston, Texas,was where he was first exposed to the workings of the hotel industry. 

“As I graduated college, I created my own company and that company's name is Wayside Investment Group. And the idea is that I always think back to where we started on Wayside Street. And so it's a reminder of our roots, our humble beginnings, and a reminder that we stay committed to what we are planning to do,” he added.

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