New Jersey Senator Vin Gopal introduces resolution against ‘Hinduphobia’

Indian-American Congressman Shri Thanedar introduced a similar legislation early last month.

NJ Senator Vin Gopal. / Gopal for NJ

Vin Gopal, the Indian-American State Senator for New Jersey, has introduced a resolution condemning Hinduphobia and anti-Hindu hate. 

The resolution highlights Hinduism as one of the world's largest and oldest religions, boasting over 1.2 billion adherents across more than 100 countries, characterized by diverse traditions and belief systems grounded in values of acceptance, mutual respect, and peace. It acknowledges the United States as a beacon of hope and opportunity, attracting millions of Hindus from around the globe to pursue better lives and the freedom to practice Hinduism, also known as "Sanatana Dharma." 

Additionally, it recognizes the significant contributions of the American Hindu community across various sectors, including medicine, science, engineering, information technology, finance, academia, manufacturing, energy, retail trade, and more.

A copy of the legislation was filed with the Hindu American Foundation (HAF), an advocacy organization for the Hindu American community.

“This landmark move comes in the wake of several Hindu temple attacks, assaults and increasing anti-Hindu bullying and intimidating rhetoric on college campuses, media outlets & social media outlets,” HAF said in a post on X. “We welcome this important initiative by Sen Vin Gopal and thank him for raising awareness of Hinduphobia and the urgency of combating this evil.” 

“Thank you Sen. Vin Gopal! Whether after the outrageous Teaneck resolution calling for surveillance of Hindu groups or now in the face of unprecedented Hinduphobia, you have been an unflinching advocate for religious freedom & pluralism,” Suhag Shukla, co-founder of the HAF, said in a post on X.

“Thank you for entrusting HAF with copies of the resolution. As the largest and oldest professionally staffed Hindu American advocacy organization in the US, we will ensure that this resolution is widely seen and celebrated.”

Early last month, Indian-American Congressman Shri Thanedar also introduced a legislation in the House of Representatives, aiming to condemn Hinduphobia. Thanedar’s resolution outlines several key points, notably celebrating the contributions of Hindus to the United States while condemning instances of "Hinduphobia" and anti-Hindu bigotry.








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