"Lots of accomplishments," says US Ambassador to India Eric Garcetti on completing a year in office

Gracetti elaborated on the substantial improvements in visa processing, stating that wait times were reduced by 75 percent. 

In a reflective address marking his one-year anniversary as the United States Ambassador to India, Eric Garcetti hailed the past year as one of unprecedented productivity and accomplishment.

In a video message, Garcetti shared highlights of his tenure, emphasizing the strides made in strengthening bilateral ties between the two nations.

"Over the last 76 years, maybe 2023 was the most productive year in our entire history. With lots of agreements, lots of paperwork, lots of desi kadak chai, and lots of accomplishments," Garcetti remarked, encapsulating the spirit of his tenure.

Reflecting on the year, Garcetti described his experience as "a whirlwind of diplomacy and deepening friendships." He highlighted the journey of diving into vibrant cultures and fortifying the bond between the United States and India.

The Ambassador provided a detailed overview of his diplomatic endeavors, recounting visits to over 22 Indian states and union territories, where he fostered trade relations and enhanced military cooperation. He underscored the significance of reducing tariffs and achieving nearly $200 billion in trade between the two countries.

Garcetti also celebrated advancements in space collaboration, emphasizing the joint efforts between NASA and ISRO for the NISAR satellite. He commended initiatives in renewable energy and healthcare, pressing on the shared commitment towards climate resilience and medical innovation.

According to Garcetti, visa reforms were a significant achievement of his tenure. 

He elaborated on the substantial improvements in visa processing, stating that wait times were reduced by 75 percent. 

Additionally, the number of visas issued saw a remarkable surge, increasing by 60 percent. These reforms not only facilitated smoother travel between the two nations but also positioned Indians as the leading source of students worldwide.

Garcetti expressed pride in the tangible impact of these reforms, citing examples of individuals like Poonam, Suparna, Ravi, and countless others who benefited from expedited visa procedures. 

“Felt like a bee sting. And with visas, we got the job done. For Poonam, for Suparna, for Ravi, and so many others, we reduced wait time by 75 percent, increased the number of visas by 60 percent, and made Indians the number one source of students from anywhere in the world, resulting in 1.4 million visas processed last year.” he claimed.

Furthermore, Garcetti expressed his newfound appreciation for cricket and announced its inclusion in the L.A. 28 Olympic Games, showcasing the cultural exchange between the two nations.

Concluding his address with optimism for the future, Garcetti reiterated the enduring partnership between India and the United States, envisioning even greater achievements in the years ahead. 








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