Indian diplomat asks to see evidence against India in Nijjar killing

Indian High Commissioner Sanjay Verma also raised concerns about India being presumed guilty before the investigation’s completion

Sanjay Verma, the Indian High Commissioner in Canada has once again asked the Trudeau government to share evidence behind their allegations of India’s involvement in the killing of pro-Khalistani citizen Hardeep Singh Nijjar.

Speaking in an interview with CTV News Channel Verma said India has yet to view “specific and relevant” evidence supporting Trudeau’s claims, and the absence of this information has resulted in the country’s inability to assist in the investigation.

Verma also raised concerns over India being presumed guilty of involvement in Nijjar’s killing before the investigation’s completion. His full television interview is scheduled to be aired on the news channel on Sunday according to reports.

Nijjar, who India had designated as a terrorist, died in Surrey on June 18, and in September, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told the Canadian parliament about India’s potential involvement in his assassination. India and Canada have remained tied in a diplomatic row ever since.

Verma, in a November 3 interview with Canadian publication, The Globe and Mail, said Trudeau’s public statements on the matter has “damaged” the probe into Nijjar’s killing. Verma further said he believes the probe has been tainted and that Trudeau had accused India on the instruction received from someone at a higher level. At the time Verma had raised questions regarding the evidence and the conclusion of the investigation.

Like Verma, Indian Minister of External Affair S Jaishankar asked Canada to back their claims with evidence. “We have told them, if you have a reason to make such an allegation, please share the evidence with us. We are not ruling out an investigation and looking at anything which they may have to offer. They haven’t done so,” Jaishankar told veteran journalist Lionel Barber in a conversation titled ‘How a Billion People See the World’, during his recent visit to London.