Indian American Impact launches six-figure campaigns for Susheela Jayapal, Suhas Subramanyam

If elected in November, Jayapal would be the first South Asian posted to a federal office in Oregon, and Subramanyam would represent Virginia with more than 65,000 South Asian residents.

Susheela Jayapal and Suhas Subramanyam. / X @SuhasforVA, @SusheelaJayapal

The Impact Fund by Indian American Impact – a political organization – has launched two six-figure campaigns to bolster Susheela Jayapal and Suhas Subramanyam for Congress in Oregon and Virginia districts. While a $150,000 mail campaign is being held to support Jayapal, another $250,000 is for Subramanyam.

If chosen in November, Jayapal would be the first South Asian elected to a federal office in Oregon. Similarly, Subramanyam would represent a district with over 65,000 South Asian residents, ranking among the nation’s top 10 concentrations.

Over the next five weeks, The Impact Fund will distribute several pieces of mail to 90,000 likely voters — 20,000+ of whom are South Asian — highlighting Subramanyam’s distinguished record of legislative results and his ability to take on MAGA extremism.

“We’re thrilled to support Suhas Subramanyam for Congress in Virginia. Drawing from his accomplishments and service in this district as both a state representative and state senator, Suhas’s steadfast commitments to protecting abortion rights, strengthening gun controls, and investing in world-class education resonates deeply with South Asian communities,” Chintan Patel, executive director of The Impact Fund, said.

Similarly, the mail campaign targeting over 40,000 likely voters in Oregon will highlight Jayapal’s progressive yet politically pragmatic voice, focusing on moving the country forward on issues such as securing abortion rights, climate justice, and Medicare for all.

“Susheela’s impressive fundraising and broad range of endorsements, both locally and nationally, far outpaces her opponents’, and underscores her appeal across diverse voter bases and coalitions,” Patel said in a statement. 

Since its establishment in 2016, the Indian American Impact has endorsed and supported 166 candidates across the country, contributing to the historic rise of Indian and South Asian American representation in politics.








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