India on 11th position on Global Diplomacy Index

While India remained 11th on the list overall, it topped one category.

Lowy Institute’s Global Diplomacy Index ranks India on global diplomacy indices. /

India emerged as the top nation in the ‘Middle Powers Rising’ category in the recently published Global Diplomacy Index by the Lowy Institute. 

The country secured 11th position among nations overall—ahead of Canada, Spain and South Korea.   Meanwhile, China, the USA, Turkiye, Japan, and France secured the top five positions in the overall ranking respectively.

The annual report sheds light on the diplomatic prowess of countries worldwide. In the ‘Middle Powers Rising’ category, India shared the first position with Türkiye, indicating that both nations’ rapidly expanded their diplomatic networks in a multipolar world. 

India added 11 diplomatic posts around the world since 2021 bringing its total to 194 missions. Notably, eight of the eleven new posts are strategically positioned in Africa, reflecting India’s increasing economic ties with the region and its aspiration to emerge as a leader of the Global South.

India’s diplomatic footprint is particularly robust in Africa, Asia, and Europe. However, it still is positioned out of the top ten on the list because it has “underinvested in the size of its diplomatic network relative to its demographic and economic weight,” the report states.

In terms of the international missions in the Indian capital -  64 embassies and consulates are established in New Delhi higher than the number of missions in Berlin, Tokyo, Beijing, Moscow, Canberra and Singapore.