Five Indian airports in Skytrax’s top 100 list

Goa's Manohar International Airport made its debut appearance on the list

Representative Image / Pixabay

Five airports in India, namely Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Goa's Manohar Parrikar International Airport, have been recognized in Skytrax's prestigious World's Best Airports list.

Among Indian airports listed in the world's 100 best airports, just one secured a position in the top 50 ranks. Delhi airport maintained its position at 36th in the list, while Mumbai airport narrowly held onto a spot in the top 100 best airports list, albeit with a drop in rank to 95 from 84 in the previous year.

Bengaluru airport made a significant advancement in the top 100 best airports list, climbing 10 ranks to reach 59th place from its position at 69th last year. Similarly, Hyderabad airport also experienced an improvement, moving up to the 61st position from its previous rank of 65th in 2023.

Doha's Hamad International Airport surpassed Singapore Changi to claim the top spot in this year's list. Serving as the primary airport for the city of Doha, Hamad International Airport covers an impressive area equivalent to about a third of Qatar's capital city. Spanning over 600,000 square meters, equivalent to 75 football fields, the airport was previously ranked second last year. Renowned for its architectural significance and luxurious facilities, it is hailed as one of the most architecturally significant terminal complexes globally.

Despite being inundated during the unprecedented rainfall that engulfed the city, the airport in Dubai saw a remarkable rise in the rankings of the world's greatest airports. Moving up from 17th place in the previous year, it climbed to 7th position.

Once again, US airports failed to secure top positions on the list, with Seattle-Tacoma, the highest-ranked US airport, dropping six spots to 24th place. Meanwhile, Europe maintained its strong presence, with airports such as Paris Charles de Gaulle, Munich, Zurich, and Istanbul remaining in the top 10.








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