EcoSikh honored for its green initiative

EcoSikh led the task of planting 850 forests across Punjab and other parts of India.

EcoSikh honored at 12th Sikh Awards for its green initiative / EcoSikh

The 12th edition of the Sikh Awards recently took place at Bel La Monde Hotel in New Delhi. The worldwide environmental organization EcoSikh was presented with an award in the Sikhs in Charity category at the ceremony. 

EcoSikh spearheaded the massive effort to plant 850 trees in Punjab and other regions of India. Regarded as Guru Nanak Sacred Forests, the initiative was launched in 2019 by EcoSikh as a tribute to the 550th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak, the founder of the Sikh faith.  

Accepting the award on behalf of the organization, Dr. Rajwant Singh, global president of EcoSikh, dedicated the honor to all the young forest makers of Punjab who worked day and night in all weather conditions to contribute to environmental initiatives. "Their commitment and hard work inspire us all to do more for our planet," he said.

EcoSikh team at the 12th Sikh Awards /

More than 20 young foresters participate in the organization's efforts across India. "This recognition is a testament to the impactful forest plantations and climate-related work undertaken by EcoSikh. It motivates us to continue our mission of environmental stewardship and inspire positive change within the Sikh community and beyond," said Supreet Kaur, EcoSikh president India.

UK-based Navdeep Singh Bansal, founder of the Sikh Awards, explained that the awards celebrate and honor those people and institutions that are making "positive impact on society, culture, and the environment." He further congratulated this year's awardees. 

"EcoSikh's dedication to environmental work, prompted many to recommend their name to be recognized this year. This award is a recognition of their exemplary efforts and a testament to their commitment to a sustainable future," Bansal said.

The ceremony was attended by Tarlochan Singh, former Member of Parliament, and Manjit Singh GK, former president of the Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee.

Charan Singh, EcoSikh forest convener, highlighted that the organization is continuously working to fulfill its mission to plant 1 million trees by next year. "The organization is committed to fostering a greener planet and inspiring further action within the Sikh community."

EcoSikh has received invitations from the White House, the Vatican, the United Nations, and other international institutions for its efforts. Members of the organization have addressed the UN Summit on Climate in Glasgow and Dubai to inspire and engage individuals and communities in adopting eco-friendly practices and addressing climate change challenges.

This was the second time the award ceremony took place in the Indian national capital. Previously, the awards took place in London, Toronto, Nairobi, and Dubai.