Celebrating country's independence with the biggest tricolour outside India

The biggest tricolour in the world is in India that measures 80' by 120'

Prabhjot Paul Singh

Biggest tricolour outside India displayed at Nathan Philips Square in Toronto on India Day celebrations / Supplied

When Panorama India organised a special Independence Day Parade at Nathan Philips  Square in Toronto to mark the 76th Independence Day, the limelight was on the biggest tricolour that was displayed during the celebration. Measuring 40' by 60', it weighs 20 kg and cost around $ 5000. "This is the biggest Indian flag outside India," claims Ashwani Aggarwal of My Indians in Canada Association (MICA).

The biggest tricolour in the world is in India that measures 80" by 120'. This tricolour displayed in Toronto last weekend was first displayed in Brampton, the city of immigrants on the periphery of Toronto."When we displayed our tricolour in Brampton early this year, we also displayed alongside  a Canadian flag of equal size," says Aggarwal.

Before MICA claimed it to be the biggest tricolour outside India,"we used all search engines, including Google, to find out the biggest national flags of any country available in Canada. We did not find any flag coming close to our flag," revealed Aggarwal.Earlier, before "we got hold of the biggest tricolour outside India in  Canada, we had displayed in 2019 tricolour cloth at the India Day celebrations.

"Since our tricolour is huge, we could not unfurl it. Once again, we requested members of the Indian community to hold its edges while displaying it as part of the India Day celebrations last weekend," adds Aggarwal. Other than the display of the biggest tricolour, Panorama India organised some tableaus depicting the progress India has made since it got freedom on August 15, 1947.

MICA also joined Sai Dham Food Bank in organising India Day celebrations  where after display of Indian and canadian flags, national anthems of both the countries were sung. The Sai Dham Food Bank has set up its distribution centres in different parts of Ontario and has been reaching out homeless and people in distress both with cooked food and dry grocery packets for the past several years.


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