Carnegie-Mellon partners with TalentSprint to launch immersive learning programme

Google-backed Initiative Empowers Minorities with Specialized Training, Creating a Pathway to Industry-Ready Expertise and Tech Opportunities

Carnegie Mellon University's School of Computer Science Collaborates with TalentSprint to Introduce Innovative Learning Initiative / Compiled from TalentSprint, Carnegie-Mellon resources

Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Computer Science (SCS) has partnered with TalentSprint, an India-based global edtech company,  to launch an immersive learning programme  that will make careers in the tech industry more accessible to people in underserved communities.

The 18-month TechWise virtual programme is fully sponsored by Google, making it completely free for participants. It provides technical training through live instruction, hackathons, coding challenges and mentorship  to give college students industry-ready expertise in software engineering.

As part of this  collaboration, faculty from SCS at CMU will offer specialized master-classes to the students who  will be awarded a certificate of completion from SCS Executive and Professional Education programme. 

Any student from a four-year, degree-granting college in the United States, as well as students from TechWise’s participating schools — which include both two- and four-year colleges — are eligible for the programme.

Since its launch, over 200 minority students from participating community colleges and 4-year degree colleges across the United States have reaped the rewards of TechWise. While Cohort 1 has successfully completed the programme, Cohort 2 is presently midway, with numerous participants securing full-time positions or internships in leading tech firms and gaining admission into higher education programmes.

Set to begin in early 2024,  the new cohort 3 will enroll 110 students.

Ram Konduru, director of Executive and Professional Education at Carnegie Mellon University’s SCS, said, “As academic partners in this initiative, we strive to establish an inclusive ecosystem that recognizes and integrates the skills of underprivileged communities into the dynamic tech workforce. Through this joint effort, TechWise is set to pave the way for greater opportunities for students and a more inclusive tech environment.”

Santanu Paul, founder- ceo and managing director at TalentSprint said, “Having CMU-SCS join us as an academic partner for our TechWise programme is a new milestone in our existing partnership. This new collaboration amplifies the programme impact and promises to enrich participants’ learning journeys, elevating their status as highly sought-after candidates within the tech industry.”

Shiv Venkataraman, vice president and general manager  at Google commented, “We have been proud to support TechWise’s efforts to expand representation in the technology ecosystem. With CMU-SCS joining this initiative as an academic partner, we look forward to the impact of this programme being further amplified, helping even more students realise their potential and nurturing future leaders who will develop and leverage tech that helps bridge digital, as well as conventional economic and social divides.”

With offices in Hyderabad, India and Sunnyvale, California, TalentSprint is a part of the ( Indian)  National Stock Exchange  group that brings bootcamps and cutting-edge learning programmes to modern-day professionals.