BJP promises to fortify connection with diaspora, expand diplomatic network in election manifesto

“The Modi ki Guarantee” election manifesto aims to create a nation future generations can be proud of.

Prime Ministrer Narendra Modi and Top BJP leaders release Election Manifesto on Apr. 14 / X/BJP4India

The Narendra Modi-led Bharatiya Janata Party released its election manifesto on Apr.14 with a focus on strengthening its connection with the global Indian diaspora.
Aiming to use the diaspora’s influence and support for India’s growth and development, the party in its manifesto said, “We will fortify our connection with the Bharatiya diaspora, actively involving them in Bharat’s progress and providing unwavering support during their times of need, thereby enriching our mutual cultural and economic ties.”

Termed “Modi ki Guarantee” the 76-page document also included promises to expand the network of Indian missions and diplomats overseas to better serve the diaspora and pursue India’s global interests.


To promote India’s culture globally, the party if elected will establish Thiruvalluvar Cultural Centres across the globe to offer training in yoga, Ayurveda, Indian languages, classical music. It will also facilitate Yoga and Ayurveda Institutes in all the major countries for providing certified courses.  Additionally classical language research will be encourgaed in major educational institutions across the world.

The BJP will also aim to celebrate the Legacy of Lord Ram globally by launching a global outreach program for documenting and promoting it in various countries as well as hosting Ramayan Utsavs (festivals) across the globe to commemorate the consecration of the Ram Mandir.

Apart from a strong focus on India’s soft power, the other major guarantees given by the party include:
• Making India the third-largest economic power
• Making India a global manufacturing hub for defense, automobiles, electronics and more
• Strengthen India’s position as the ‘Pharmacy of the World’
• Ensuring high-quality school education and expanding skills training for youth
• Improving air quality and promoting sustainable lifestyle
• Strengthening railway, airways and road networks across the country
• Increasing digital infrastructure
• Positioning India as a leading space power

“Our Sankalp Patra (manifesto) is more than just a collection of promises. This Sankalp Patra outlines the collective aspirations and goals of our nation, by our nation and for our nation. As you have seen in the last ten years, it is Modi’s Guarantee that every promise made is fulfilled,” the Prime Minister said.

“In 2014, we received your support to bring in a monumental transformation. In 2019, we received an even bigger mandate and ensured continued development and took big decisions. In the next five years, with your blessings, it is Modi’s Guarantee that we will work 24 by 7 for 2047. Your aspiration is our mission. Your dreams are our responsibility,” he sserted.








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