Asian American Republican Coalition endorses Donald Trump

The Republican Party is more pro-India than the Democratic party: Dr.Sudhir Parikhstaff

Asian American Republican Coalition (AARC) meets in New Jersey to pledge support for Donald Trump / AARC

The Asian American Republican Coalition (AARC) has announced its decision to extend full support to former president Donald J. Trump in the upcoming presidential elections.

The announcement was made by Hemant Bhatt, AARC- founder and chairman during a press conference recently held at ITV Gold Auditorium, Edison, New Jersey. Sridhar Chillara, AARC- national president and Dr. Sudhir Parikh, AARC- national advisor and chairman, Parikh Worldwide Media were present on the occasion.



Hemant Bhatt AARC- founder and chairman addressing the event / AARC

In his speech, Bhatt said that the state of America currently is different from four years ago, when it was under the Trump administration. Citing rising inflation, heightened cost of living, lack of public safety  and the border crisis, Bhatt urged the need to bring the community into the Republican fold.

“President Trump visited North Korea, he was able to take on China and there would not have been any Ukraine- Russia war, Hamas Israel war and the world would not have been on fire as it is today.   For these reasons, AARC announced its full support to President Trump to win Presidential elections on November 05, 2024,” he asserted.

Trump Supporters at the event / AARC

Chillara highlighted the importance Asian and Indian Americans votes stating that it had the power to influence the outcome of elections results of elections. He maintained that the community needed to be educated and convinced about Republican party’s policies and values to be able to vote for Republican candidates.

Addressing the gathering, Dr. Parikh recounted his lifelong support and engagement with the Republican party over many decades especially since 1992 the administration of President George H.W. Bush, when he and few Indian Americans republican raised $ 4 Million for the campaign.

On the basis of 50 years of observation, Dr. Parikh announced that he found the Republican party to be more Pro India than the Democratic party.  Several Asian Indian American Republicans also encouraged and appealed the community to come forward in support of President Donald J Trump’s candidacy.








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