Exclusive Interview: Arjun Rampal discusses his support for CRY America

The Bollywood actor, who will keynote five CRY America galas this month, discussed his vision for India’s low-income children.

Arjum Rampal will headline the CRY America Galas from Apr.19-28 / CRY America

SAN FRANCISCO, California — Bollywood actor Arjun Rampal will be the featured guest this month at five galas for CRY America, a non-profit organization which supports several initiatives to empower India’s low income children.

“Even though we've progressed so much in the world and technology has gone so far, there are still children who are homeless or just absolutely so underprivileged that their basic needs are not being met,” Rampal told New India Abroad via Zoom April 14 from his home in Mumbai. “So I think all of us must get together and do our little bit to help children born into a world that we all are responsible for creating.”


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