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10-Jun-2024 - 16-Jun-2024

You have a week full of creativity ahead of you, which will be very useful in your work, Aries, both now and later. You will also express your emotions and ideas with great ease. But in your environment, you may encounter some resistance to recognizing your merits. Do not try to impose your ideas and tastes on the people around you, because you will not succeed that way. You will get better results by using your powers of persuasion. Sometimes you're upset because you're having trouble progressing professionally, competition is high, and things seem to be stagnant. However, don't stop working. As for your personal development, it is linked to a journey, which will not happen immediately. A bit of patience. In love, you may experience some moments of suffering due to jealousy. You doubt your partner's fidelity because he may have had contact with his ex. Stop suffering for this reason. He loves you.