Indian Heritage Day 2024

  • 11-May-2024
  • 04:05 AM - 08:05 AM
  • 519 S Central Ave
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Join us for a vibrant celebration honoring the rich cultural tapestry, diverse traditions, and historical significance of India. Indian Heritage Day is a special occasion that brings together people of Indian origin and others alike to showcase the unique aspects of Indian heritage.

Experience the beauty of Indian culture through captivating performances, traditional music, colorful dances, and mouth-watering cuisine. This is a day to rejoice in the heritage that unites us and celebrates the contributions of the Indian community to our society.

Bring your friends and family to share in the festivities and immerse yourselves in the spirit of India. Let's come together to honor our roots and celebrate the diversity that makes our community so special.

We look forward to seeing you there!


519 S Central Ave | 519 S Central Ave







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