Nikki Haley calls for “term limits” and “mental competency tests” for lawmakers

The Indian American presidential candidate’s comments came on the heels of Mitch McConnell’s frozen-at-the-podium moment at a recent press event, his second in a month.

Nikki Haley / Image

Indian American 2024 Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley dubbed 81-year-old Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell’s frozen-at-the-podium moment “sad” in a recent interview with Fox News.

Calling the Senate “ most privileged nursing home in the country”, Haley said advocating for “new faces, new voices, and younger generations” involvement in government.  She voiced her support for term limits for lawmakers and suggested that a mental competence exam for everyone above the age of 75 who files to run for office be made mandatory.

The Capitol physician Dr Brian Monahan medically cleared McConnell for working despite his recent freeze at a press event, his second in a month. To this Haley said, a health test is no match for a mental competency test. 

“Mental competency test is a series of questions like name what time you were born, or say four words that start with the same letter, or how many grandchildren you have. There are multiple questions and they would submit that mental competency test at the same time they would file to run for office,” Haley said emphasizing that the test results should be made mandatory alongside other documents like financial disclosures for people running for Congress.

“I think that we do need mental competency tests for anyone over the age of 75. I would not care if they did them over the age of 50 but these are people making decisions on our national security. They are making decisions on our economy, on the border. We need to know they are at the top of their game,” the 51-year-old told Fox News.

 Maintaining that the matter of aging out of office was critical to America’s national security, the former US ambassador to the United Nations said, “It is not healthy for us, and it is showing. It is showing in our country, it is showing in the lack of border control, it is showing in the inflation rise, with the spending that is happening. It is showing in the fact that people feel less safe. That is a big issue.”









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