“Tried different plans for healthcare but nothing matured,” says Velmeni CEO Mini Suri at TiECon 2024

While speaking about dental AI revolution, Mini Suri recounted her journey from corporate finance to health tech entrepreneurship, driven by personal tragedy and a desire for impactful innovation.

Mini Suri at the 2024 TiECon annual conference in Santa Clara, California. / TiECon Silicon Valley

Velmeni, a dental artificial intelligence company based in Silicon Valley, is breaking grounds with 2D and CBCT radiographs, along with other AI models to help dentists. While attending the 2024 TiECon annual conference in Santa Clara, California, Mini Suri, the company's co-founder, spoke about how she started working on the revolutionary idea.

"I worked for Citigroup, very happily doing what I was doing until 2015 when I felt that I needed to do something bigger and greater. And I went to MIT Sloan to do my MBA in 2016. My life changed when my mom told me that my dad was diagnosed with brain tumor and it was stage four. It was then that I actually, along with my MBA, started doing my health tech certifications. Was trying different business plans for healthcare but nothing matured,” Suri began narrating during a conversation with reporters on the sidelines of the conference for entrepreneurs.

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