A second-generation Indian’s passion for building an intelligent cloud image browser

Abhay Agarwal is known in the AI industry for his San Francisco-based startup, Poly.

Abhay Agarwal graduated from Stanford's design school. / Natalya Suttmiller

Abhay Agarwal, a second-generation Indian-American, is making waves in the AI industry with his San Francisco-based startup, Poly. With a background in robotics and a passion for AI, Agarwal has secured $8 million of venture capital funding and established a new office for his AI cloud storage startup, which aims to revolutionize how users store and manage their generated content.

Agarwal’s journey into AI began during his undergraduate studies in robotics. “I’ve been really passionate about human interaction with AI systems,” he says. “How do you build a mental model around what an AI might be doing or thinking about? And how do you interact with it to create useful and interesting outcomes?”

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