Indian teens qualify for F1 World Final in Singapore

Hailing from New Delhi, Team Blaze will appear for the World Finals in September.

ALP Group has proudly announced its sponsorship of Team Blaze, which has successfully reached the World Finals of the F1 racing in Schools competition in Singapore. Comprising a team of four 15-year-olds, including three girls, they have accomplished a remarkable feat by advancing to the finals of one of the world's most challenging competitions - F1 in Schools.

F1 Racing stands as one of the world's most widely followed and immensely popular sports. It serves as an adrenaline rush for fans, an engineering marvel, and a testament to the perseverance of the participating teams.

From this backdrop emerged "F1 for Schools," aiming to capitalize on the sport's popularity among youth. With the participation of 200,000 students hailing from 42 different countries, F1 in Schools holds the distinction of being the largest STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) competition on a global scale. In this competition, teams of students under the age of 19 employ CAD/CAM software to collaborate, design, conduct research and development, analyze, manufacture, test, and ultimately race cars crafted from F1 model blocks.

This remarkable achievement has been realized by Team Blaze, composed of Amaira, Jasmeh, Aryan, and Shrishti. Hailing from New Delhi and being students of the British School, they have advanced to the world finals. As the National Champions in India, their 'Team Blaze' has secured a spot among the top 10 teams globally in the F1 competition.

Team Blaze has garnered substantial backing for their participation in the 'F1' Finals, not only from schools across India but also from prominent celebrities. This support includes individuals like Hema Malani, a respected Member of Parliament, Gautam Adani, and the British High Commissioner. The final race will take place on 9 September in Singapore.









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