Heermandi review: All glitter and no gold?

The characters in "Heermandi" are crafted with remarkable depth and complexity, each layered with different shades that bring a rich tapestry of stories to life.

Official Poster / Image- Netflix India

When people think of Sanjay Leela Bhansali, one of the most revered directors in Hindi cinema, they picture lavish production design, strong female protagonists, and expertly staged musical numbers. His films are renowned for their elaborate plots, beautiful music, and lavish costumes. 

Many were eagerly awaiting Bhansali's foray into over-the-top (OTT) cinema with "Heermandi, the Diamond Bazaar" because of his filmography, which has brought to life the complex and multi-faceted performances of numerous actresses.

However, despite its glittering facade, this eight-part series, set in the pre-Independence era of the 1940s, falls short of expectations leaving viewers with the sense that it is all glitter and no gold.


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