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Siddappa Byrareddy bags Outstanding Mentor Award

UNMC's Siddappa Byrareddy was awarded for dedication to nurturing future scholars.

Siddappa Byrareddy recognized for his mentorship / (Image - UNMC/website)

Siddappa Byrareddy, professor and vice chair for research at the Department of Pharmacology and Experimental Neuroscience at the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) College of Medicine, was honored  with the UNMC Faculty Senate’s Outstanding Faculty Mentor of Graduate Students Award. 

Byrareddy, who hails from Nagadenahalli, Karnataka, India, joined UNMC in 2016 and expressed his gratitude for the recognition, dedicating the award to all present and past trainees of his laboratory. “I dedicate this award to all the present and past trainees of Dr. Byrareddy’s laboratory,” he said in an interview with the university press. 

Reflecting on his mentoring experience, Byrareddy emphasized the gratification of witnessing students' growth towards independence and self-reliance. “The greatest reward in mentoring is witnessing the evolution of students or trainees towards independence and self-reliance. Observing them taking ownership of their projects and forging their scholarly identities is gratifying”, he said.

Byrareddy acknowledged the challenges of mentoring, including navigating diverse student backgrounds, managing time effectively, and addressing issues such as imposter syndrome and self-confidence. However, he finds success in seeing his mentees graduate, publish groundbreaking research, and secure jobs, as well as in their continued seeking of advice even after their formal mentoring period.

The professor recounted pivotal moments in his career, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, where translating laboratory discoveries into clinical applications underscored the significance of his work in enhancing public health.

Byrareddy's dedication to mentorship highlights the crucial role of faculty in guiding and nurturing the next generation of scholars, reflecting UNMC's commitment to fostering academic excellence and professional development among its students, the university said in a statement.









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