Ruchira Gupta honoured with Alnoba Moment of Truth Award

Gupta founded the NGO Apne Aap Women Worldwide. She has spent more than three decades advocating for a world in which no girl or woman is bought or sold.

Ruchira Gupta / website

The 2023 Alnoba Moment of Truth Award for Leadership for Gender Equity will be presented to Ruchira Gupta, an Emmy-winning journalist and the founder of the anti-sex-trafficking NGO Apne Aap.  

This award, given by the Alnoba Lewis Family Foundation, recognizes a fearless activist leader who brought widespread attention to a pressing issue of their time and successfully mobilized supporters and resources to effect positive change.

For more than three decades, Gupta has campaigned for a world where no girl or woman is bought or sold. She co-founded the NGO with twenty-two other brave sex workers to help marginalized girls and women fight sex trafficking. To date, she has assisted over 20,000 women in escaping prostitution, according to the release. 

I Kick and I Fly, Gupta's debut fiction novel, is based on true stories she witnessed and experienced as an activist in Apne Aap. Her contributions to the establishment of the UN trafficking fund for survivors, the passage of the US trafficking victims protection Act, and her grassroots activism with Apne aap have earned her the French Ordre National du Mérite, the Clinton Global Citizen Award, and the UN NGO CSW Woman of Distinction, among other honors. 

Each Alnoba leadership award includes a $10,000 donation in the recipient’s name to the nonprofit of their choice. The awards will be presented at the Alnoba Environmental Leadership Awards Dinner on October 4. 









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