Indian-American Dr Satpreet Singh receives ABLE Leadership Excellence Award

The Sikh CEO was honored at the 38th Asian Business Leadership Summit held in Bangkok.

Dr Satpreet Singh is the CEO of Ardass Corporation. / Satpreet Singh website

Dr Satpreet Singh, the Indian-American CEO of Ardass, was honored with the prestigious A.B.L.E. Leadership Excellence Award at the 38th Asian Business Leadership Summit. The event, hosted by the Indian Achievers' Forum, took place at the Holiday Inn in Bangkok.

This accolade recognizes Dr Singh’s outstanding contributions to the business and educational sectors, as well as his dedication to innovative leadership and sustainable business practices.

The summit saw the participation of over 150 delegates from countries including India, Thailand, the USA, the UK, Australia, China, and the UAE. It highlighted the crucial role of leadership, innovation, and excellence within the global business community. The presence of distinguished guests, including former prime ministers and international business leaders, added to the event's prestige.

This accolade recognizes Dr Singh’s outstanding contributions to the business and educational sectors. / Khalsa News and Podcasts

Born in a village in Subajpura in Punjab’a Amritsar, Dr Singh is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Business Administration from the National University in San Diego. He also holds a Doctor of Business Administration degree from Gambit Business School in the United Kingdom.

Of leadership Dr Singh says: "Leadership is about inspiring others to realize their potential and empowering them to achieve greatness. It's creating a vision that others believe in and passionately work towards." Under his leadership, Ardass has achieved remarkable growth and is recognized for its forward-thinking approach to business and education.

Colleagues and industry experts have praised Dr. Singh for his leadership style and innovative methods. Rupiner Kaur, a fellow General Manager and industry partner, stated, “Dr Satpreet Singh’s leadership at Ardass has not only transformed the company but also set a new standard for what it means to lead with integrity and vision in the business world.”

The A.B.L.E. Leadership Excellence Award adds to Dr Singh’s extensive portfolio of accolades, which includes the Stevie Award for Best Entrepreneur in Business & Professional Services, the Global Icon Award, and recognition as an honorable mention in the American Book Fest for his literary contributions. These honors underscore his expertise and impact across various domains.










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