US deports 21 Indian students in a single day

Reports indicate that these instances occurred across airports in Atlanta, Chicago, and San Francisco.

Twenty-one students from the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana were reportedly deported from the United States on a single day. Following a brief detention for document inspection by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), these students were sent back. 

According to reports, these incidents occurred at airports in Atlanta, Chicago, and San Francisco. The lack of proper documentation was cited as the primary reason. According to, the distressed students held in cramped quarters were also threatened with jail if they raised objections. 

The students reportedly expressed shock and disappointment because they believed they had completed all visa requirements and were ready to enroll in institutions. In the absence of precise explanations for their deportation, some students disclosed that their mobile phones and WhatsApp conversations were inspected. The Economic Times reported that these pupils were en route to universities in Missouri and South Dakota.

As a result, students are dealing with the loss of time, resources, and opportunities. The report added that the distressing implications these students confront are exacerbated by the stringent rules of the United States, particularly a five-year ban for those deported upon being deemed inadmissible.

According to a report by Mint, the United States has instituted stricter visa regulations for international students in response to Covid-19, which could force Indian and Chinese students to return home or risk deportation. It was also stated that approximately 202,000 Indian and 369,000 Chinese students, who represent a significant proportion of international students, study in the United States.









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