TiE NJ celebrates India's Independence and art

President Suresh U Kumar announced the launch of TiE NexGen at the event

Umesh Gaur addressing the gathering on the artistic expression of the Indian artworks / Images: TiE NJ

The New Jersey chapter of The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE), celebrated Indian Independence Day at the Gaur Gallery, a private art gallery of Umesh and Sunanda Gaur, located in Franklin Park, NJ. The national anthem performed by Prema Roddam, co-Chair of the TiE NJ Women's SIG, inspired patriotism and camaraderie in the audience, according to a release issued by the organization.
Shanti Nara, Commissioner of Middlesex County served as the event's chief guest. In her address, Nara stressed on the importance of collaboration between TiE members and Middlesex County in advancing startup initiatives. "Her words resonated deeply, inspiring all those in attendance to actively engage in meaningful partnerships and endeavors," the release mentioned.Displaying IMG_4652.jpg
In a similar direction, TiE New Jersey president Suresh U Kumar announced the launch of TiE NexGen, a platform designed to inspire and empower the adolescent and young adult children of TiE members into being the next generation of innovative thinkers and entrepreneurs.
At the conclusion of the event, TiE-NJ charter member Umesh Gaur, an expert and passionate art collector, delivered an insightful and informative talk about the Indian artwork on display. "His expertise shed light on the rich cultural heritage and artistic expressions that adorned the walls, creating an immersive experience for all those present," the release stated.Displaying IMG_4662.jpg
According to the organization, the event was significant because it not only commemorated the 77th Indian Independence Day, but also marked a turning point in the journey of TiE New Jersey, which seeks to ignite the passion and aspirations of the next generation while strengthening the spirit of collaboration and innovation within the TiE community.









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