Sri Sri Ravi Shankar taps into ‘Sixth Sense’ in NJ

The event was attended by over 2000 people with more than 150 non-profit organizations and community groups participating

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the founder of the Art of Living Foundation (AOLF), recently hosted the "Sixth Sense" public event at the New Jersey Performing Arts Centre (NJPAC). The event was graced by Councilwoman Council Member At Large, Newark, Louis Scott-Roundtree.

The event which drew over 2000 participants was aimed at helping the attendees discover new ways to communicate with their inner and outside worlds without using their five senses. The proceedings began with captivating music and a short preview of the future Olympic-scale World Culture Festival 2023.

Known for his profound teachings and significant humanitarian services, Ravi Shankar in his speech said, “We get so caught up in our five senses, that we forget about the Sixth Sense which is the mother of all senses.” The spiritual leader guided the participants on a journey towards mental well-being and inner peace through his talk and immersive meditation session.

The event was also graced by A host of dignitaries including  the Mayors of Newark, East Brunswick, Borough of Oakland, and council members from various townships. “Their presence demonstrated the shared commitment towards building stronger communities and promoting a harmonious coexistence among diverse cultures,” a release said. Additionally, more than 150 non-profit organizations and community groups participated in the event.

During his multi-city tour across the United States, Ravi Shankar emphasized the necessity of mental health awareness and its role in fostering societies free from violence and stress. AOLF will host the US edition of the World Culture Festival at the national mall in Washington D.C.









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