OFBJP Australia condemns accusations against PM Modi in ABC report

The organization released a statement alleging that the Australian news channel has been spreading a series of disinformation pieces.

OFBJP Australia has released a statement. / X/@OFBJPAus

Overseas Friends of BJP Australia on June.18 condemned the “recent biased reporting” and “baseless accusations” made by a certain journalist at ABC News in the news channel’s Four Corners section.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) has done a series of documentaries and investigative reports on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Indian government. The most recent one was aired on June.17 and was titled ‘Infiltrating Australia – India’s Secret War’. The 45-minute episode claims to uncover “the long arm of the Indian state in Australia”.

In this report, ABC’s former South Asia correspondent Avani Dias reveals details about the local “nest of spies” and meets the Australian residents who allege that they have been threatened by Indian authorities.

In response, OFBJP released a statement asserting that ABC has been spreading a series of disinformation pieces targeting the large diaspora that supports PM Modi and desires strong Australia-India relations.

“As a multicultural country, Australia has a tradition of having support groups of political organizations of various democratic countries, similarly, we are an independent community organisation run by volunteers supporting the Bharatiya Janata Party of India,” they said in the statement. “Outside of organization, our members who are Australian citizens/Permanent Residents may hold diverse political views on all sides of local politics, however, as an organization, we do not have any role to play in Australian politics.”

OFBJP Australia stated that ABC's “skewed coverage” targeting Indian PM Narendra Modi while ignoring significant events in the wider South Asia region leads to the conclusion that it is engaging in activism, precisely what new ABC Chair Kim Williams has warned against.

“It has de-platformed the voices that can provide alternate views of its reporting and pose a challenge to its hollow narrative and selected the ones that suit its activist agenda,” OFBJP said referring to an ABC report.

“We hope ABC will do an introspection and reflect on giving unbiased news with voices of all stakeholders. Our message to them is simple #GetWellSoonABC,” the statement concluded.









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