NJ's Royal Albert Palace hosts SPU alumni reunion

At the event, notable attendees were honored for their philanthropic and educational efforts.

SPU Alumni and guests / SPU Alumni Association USA

More than 500 Sardar Patel University (SPU) alums and invited guests recently gathered at New Jersey's Royal Albert's Palace for the university's 21st annual reunion. The event began with a tribute to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the visionary leader of India who conceived of the idea for the University in the late 1940s. 

Bhikhubhai Patel, chairman of Charutar Vidya Mandal (CVM) and CVM University was the chief guest of the event, while Bharatbhai Patel, chairman of AAHOA and Dr. Jagdish Trivedi graced the occasion as guests of honor.

Bhikhubhai Patel was honored for his role as a leader at CVM in elevating the standard of education into the modern era. In his speech, he detailed plans for expanding educational opportunities at CVM. 

Bharatbhai Patel encouraged the Indian Americans in the audience to keep active in politics and community service. “Many experts feel our communities throughout the USA is not adequately involved in politics and public service. Our voices remain unheard if we don’t get involved and participate in political processes,” he maintained.

Starting off his talk, Dr. Jagdish Trivedi mentioned five characteristics: patience, attack or action, talent, and education. With a long history of record-breaking charitable contributions for education and healthcare, he appealed to the Alumni to donate to education. Jatin Desai, executive vice-president of the SPU Alumni Association, made an appeal to donate to the association's scholarship programs for students.

At the event, late Ashabhai Babarbhai Patel and his son late Manibhai Patel were honored for their charitable contributions to Anand and Vallabh Vidyanagar healthcare and educational institutions. Chandrakantbhai, Ashabhai's youngest son, was recognized for his achievements in academics and business. 

Dr. Gordhanbhai Patel, Dr.Raj Patel, Dr Vithal Dhaduk, Mr. Albert Jasani, Dr. Dinesh and Mrs. Shobhana Patel, the owners of Albert Hall, were among the others honored at the event.

Dr. Vithal Dhaduk, who was honored for his contributions in India and the US,  spoke about Vallabhbhai's leadership efforts in uniting India. “The independence was granted not to one united Bharat but to more than 500 royal kingdoms. Sardar Patel's action oriented, bold and timely Iron-handed leadership united our vast and versatile Bharat,” he stated.









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