Hindu body in UK rejects Hindu Manifesto in national election

“The manifesto, associated with organisations linked to Hindu nationalism, is a source of significant concern," HfHR UK said.

Hindus for Human Rights UK (HfHR UK), a branch of a faith-based Hindu organization in the UK, has rejected the "Hindu Manifesto UK 2024," claiming that its authors are associated with the Hindu nationalist movement known as Hindutva.

According to HfHR UK, the manifesto, which received attention during the 2024 UK general election and was endorsed by approximately 25 candidates from across the political spectrum, does not reflect Hinduism's inclusive, peaceful, and progressive values.

“The manifesto, associated with organisations linked to Hindu nationalism, is a source of significant concern. HfHR UK urges all candidates, politicians, and political parties to avoid engaging with this document and its many problematic strategies, cynically camouflaged within anti-racist language,” the organization said in a statement. 

“As a movement committed to human rights and social justice, we emphasise the need to scrutinise the origins and intentions behind such endorsements,” it further said expressing concerns about the manifesto and its underlying organizations that are well-documented.

The organization pointed out that the manifesto calls for proscribing organisations and individuals critical of Hinduism could silence vital voices advocating for marginalised communities. “Proposals within the manifesto to criminalise 'Hinduphobia' could threaten the work of human rights campaigners and stifle necessary criticism of harmful practices and ideologies,” it said.

Further, HfHR UK called for genuine community representation in good faith and underlined the importance of political representation for diverse communities. “Many individuals that become involved with these organisations do so out of a desire for community and representation, but it is imperative to critically assess the overarching objectives of these groups,” it stated.










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