Ashwin Ramaswami appointed to DNC credentials committee

He is one of four appointees from Georgia to the credentials committee.

Ashwin Ramaswami is contesting for the Georgia State Senate / Ashwin Ramaswami office

Ashwin Ramaswami, Georgia State Senate Candidate for District 48, has been selected to serve on the credentials committee of the 2024 Democratic National Convention (DNC), which will take place in Chicago from Aug.19-22. 

The Indian American is one of four appointees from Georgia to the credentials committee, which is one of three Biden-Harris standing committees at the Convention. The other two include the rules committee and the platform committee.

In his role as a member of the credentials committee, Ramaswami will help resolve questions about the seating of delegates and help ensure delegate candidates are properly credentialed to serve as delegates and alternates to the Convention.

“I am honored to represent Georgians at a national level,” said Ramaswami. “I am looking forward to playing my part in ensuring we reject political extremism and empower the right leaders up and down the ballot this November.”

Ramaswami’s appointment highlights the vital role of South Asian Americans and Gen Z leaders within the Georgia Democratic Party and their role in shaping the future trajectory of the national party, his campaign said in a statement.

The 24-year-old recently won the democratic nomination for the Georgia Senate seat. He will face Republican Shawn Still in November aiming to flip a critical Senate seat in the state.