Diet, sleep and celibacy are super medicines for pain, says Indian professor Vaidya Sushil Dubey

He is currently conducting research in Banaras Hindu University on treating and preventing non-communicable diseases using Ayurveda.

Vaidya Sushil Dubey (left) and Yamini Bhusan Tripathi. / Courtesy Photo

Vaidya Sushil Dubey, an assistant professor in the Faculty of Ayurveda at the Institute of Medical Sciences, Banaras Hindu University, said that there are three mechanisms to reduce pain – analgesic, antipyretic, and anti-inflammatory. In these three, the three pillars are: diet, sleep, and celibacy, he added, calling them “super medicine”.

“Just as the entire universe is governed by the three elements – the sun, moon, and air, similarly, in our body too, functions are carried out by Vata (space and air), Pitta (fire and water), and Kapha (earth and water),” he explained.

Dubey is currently conducting research in BHU on treating and preventing non-communicable diseases using Ayurveda. “In the research, we have made a small attempt to plan a diet based on Ayurveda. If we do this, we believe it could be very beneficial,” he said. 

He suggests eating fruits first thing in the morning on an empty stomach as it signals satiation to the brain, preventing overeating. “If we drink fruit juice beforehand, it will make us feel fuller and thereby reduces overeating, thus reducing the risk of non-communicable diseases like diabetes,” Dubey explained.

Dubey also mentioned the benefits of intermittent fasting. “The dinner should be light at night. So, in that meal, we should focus more on fruits and eat less in general. But dinner should strictly not include fast food.”

Yamini Bhusan Tripathi, a scholar in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, said that Ayurveda is a part of medicine. Tripathi is the formal dean of the faculty of Ayurveda at the Institute of Medical Sciences, BHU. He has been instrumental in advancing evidence-based Ayurvedic medicine.

Both Tripathi and Dubey will be speakers at the Ayurveda Conference from June.21 to June.24 at Arsha Vidya Gurukullam in Saylorsburg. This three-day discourse aims to define the concept of health and wellness while highlighting early symptoms of non-communicable diseases.

During the session, the duo will delve into theoretical and practical aspects of shud kriya kal, pulse analysis (nadi) and medical astrology for early diagnosis. They will also be available for personal consultations.