Punit Singh Soni’s AI assistant ‘Suki’ to transform healthcare across 4,350 US hospitals

The initiative is in collaboration with Premier, Inc.

Punit Singh Soni is the founder of Suki. / LinkedIn/Punit Singh Soni

REDWOOD CITY, CALIFORNIA — In an exciting move, California-based Punit Singh Soni has signed a deal, which will bring Suki – an AI assistant – to 4,350 hospitals across the United States.

“These days we seem to be making the kind of progress in weeks which took years when I started Suki,” said Soni, CEO and founder of Suki.

Suki is an enterprise-grade AI assistant that is approved by the health system and is built to save clinicians time. Suki ambiently listens to patient-clinician conversations and automatically drafts clinical notes. It also streamlines other time-consuming tasks including ICD-10 and HCC coding, answering questions, and dictation. 

By integrating with all major EHRs including Epic, Cerner, Meditech, and Athena, Suki supports all documentation workflows by syncing note content in real-time. Clinicians can pre-chart in the EHR and finish the note with Suki, or start the note in Suki and pull in relevant information, like vitals, from the EHR. Once the note is complete, content is sent back to the EHR where relevant sections are updated. 

Clinicians complete notes 72 percent faster on average with Suki, and health systems experience up to 9X ROI from increased efficiency, higher reimbursements supported by detailed documentation, and increased encounter volumes, among other factors.

Virtual assistant Suki is partnering with Premier, Inc., a healthcare improvement company, to provide the latter’s nearly 4,000+ strong hospital network with access to the Suki revolutionary platform.

“Even if a tenth of Premier’s members decide to lean into the group purchasing agreement, Suki would become the largest healthcare AI assistant company,” concluded Soni.